Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day,
St. Patrick's Day,
A day of the Irish,
To celebrate a renown Evangelist,
Even though some thought he could've been craziest,
He perservered and kept on preaching,
And using a shamrock to help describe the Trinity,
Even though his life could have driven anyone else to insanity,
He perserverd with his Faith,
He prayed,
And his Faith wasn't betrayed,
St. Patrick's life was full of trial,
But at least,
His life was no longer in denial,
St. Patrick's Day,
St. Patrick's Day,
To celebrate a famous Preacher.

                   So tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. Not that long ago, I heard that one of the Irish myths about St. Patrick’s Day was wear green… So you won’t get pinched. Now I’m going to try to wear some green tomorrow. Just don’t tell too many of your friends… Or they might pinch you!!!! So maybe if you wear green, you’ll get the Luck of the Irish tomorrow. You never know what could happen.

                    I probably could start doing poems again, I just keep forgeting. Maybe I'll just do it here and there.                    


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Timeless Pride and Prejudice

            Originally I created this blog so I could show some homework to a class that I couldn't in any other way, but I ended up posting much more that just class assignments. Come to think of it, I've posted probably about three school posts.

             Recently I read the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for a literature class, and I really enjoyed the book. So for some of the homework, we were required to right an essay. So I chose my topic, and this is the result.

Timeless Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a timeless novel. The book was written nearly 200 years ago, yet it is still very famous and popular. The classic themes, author’s skill and popularity from the beginning have added to its timeless appeal.

The themes of the book are very similar to those of our modern society, which could arouse more people’s interest. Pride and Prejudice is a romance, full of flirting, teasing, and petty arguments so it fits our modern day world quite well. The novel is mostly about love but also about how you sometimes must choose to be independent even if society says otherwise. Elizabeth and Darcy both choose independence when they married outside their rank in society. The book also shows how first impressions are not always as they seem, as when Elizabeth terribly misjudged Wickham.

Jane Austen is a very talented and well known author. For many people, once they read any of Jane Austen’s novels, they usually want to read more. Pride and Prejudice is very well written and easy to follow, which may also be a reason people like the book.

Finally, the book is an easy classic. From the moment Pride and Prejudice was published it was an instant favorite. After almost every chapter the book leaves you wanting more.

Pride and Prejudice is amazing, and not just because it’s a romance, but because Jane Austen really captured each character’s personality, way of thinking, and physical appearance. Pride and Prejudice is a timeless classic, and probably will be for many more years to come.


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