Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Mythical Frozen Apples

       This may sound kind of odd… the other day my mom cut some apples while we were eating lunch, and there were a few that hadn’t been eaten, so I got one and decided to experiment on it (I don’t know if anyone knew this, but I experiment with food a LOT), so I stuck it in the freezer. It was amazing!
       So now, I seem to eat at least a little frozen apple almost everyday. I know it may sound kind of weird, but they're so good. The frozen apples could be about the simplest thing to make ever. All I do is cut the apple, put it on a plate and put the apple in the freezer. What could be easier? They're so good, this might just be me, but I find it that when I eat fruit, if the fruit was refrigerated it's a lot more refreshing.
      The thing I've figured out the hard way, if I freeze any fruit, I have to cut it first, or else it's almost impossible to eat, especially if it has an outer inedible skin. Something else I sadly had to learn the hard way was, you cannot, under any circumstances, unfreeze fruit because when you do, it gets dark and mushy, and I certainly do not like dark and mushy fruit. The only fruit I know that doesn't get dark and mushy has to be in either Ice-Cream(Yummy, Ice-Cream!!!) or in some kind of frozen liquid (my mom and aunt have this frozen fruit dish, that's really good!!). Besides those, I can't think of many fruits you can unfreeze, but I could be wrong. Still, the frozen apples are so good, it's not like I don't eat non-frozen apples anymore but I'd prefer them frozen. I love almost any fruit, exept maybe star-fruit. Well, sadly, that's the end of my post.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poems for Week 6

Well, since I just read the Odyssey, I wrote a few poems referring to the book. I'm showing two I wrote, out of three, and the reason for that is, the two poems relate to the same story, so I decided to post the together. The third is really, really short and I didn't like it as much so I don't really want to post it anymore. So I'm just going to post the other two poems, the first is about a creature in the Odyssey named Scylla, here I go:

Scylla has six heads,
 Full of strength and power, those who see her cower,
 She is searching for vengeance,
 Because of Circe's magic and potions,
 Now she lives in caves, close to the oceans,
  It wasn't always this way,
 She used to be a beautiful nymph of the sea,
 She would watch the waves as far as the eye could see,
But sadly, now she hides her face in her caves,
With her only friend, the waves.

The Second Poem, about Calypso another nymph who saved the hero of Troy, Odysseus, but also held him on her island against his will, because she was wishing him for a husband:

Calypso, nymph of the island Ogygia,
 She rescued Odysseus from the tidal waves,
And she kept him hidden in her caves,
 Even though it was very sad on her part,
 She finally let him depart, with loads of gifts in splendor,
 So that he would never forget her. 

Sorry it took me so long to post the poems, I've been getting side-tracked lately.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Break-up

Well, this month is Down syndrome awareness month, so my older brother Luke made a video of my little sister Emma's recent break-up. Something I here so much is that people with Down syndrome are always so sweet, they're still normal people with the same emotions as us, mostly they are sweet, but sometimes they're not always the sweetest, and my little sister Emma is about the most dramatic and prissy person I've ever met, but she's so cute!

Emma's really sweet, but sometimes maybe not so much..... Staring in her very first movie, my little sister, Emma the downsy girl:


Well that's all I have for now, and don't worry, Emma is already starting to want Nick back... but for Emma, that could be too soon, especially right after the big break-up. But I think she's just trying to move on, and it looks like Nick is moving on too. Which is really sad, I never even got to meet him! I hope they get back together. The boy in the video Emma was with is Dean, our little brother, but don't worry those two are not dating.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fashionesta Pups

 Our pups Missy and Michael helped me test out some random hats in the house. I'm sure they didn't enjoy all this, but it was fun. I tried to take some pictures of Holly too, but she hasn't gotten over her fear of cameras, so I let her be. But Missy and Michael may not love getting their pictures made, but they tolerated it for me.

Missy being a proper-tea-time-lady

All this tea is making me sleepy

Michael wearing his hat
backwards......Saying: Sup, dog?

Wearing his hat the right
way.....,. a little too big

Missy trying to give me a
punk look..... not too scary

Making faces funny
really fatigues me

Rolling her eyes at me, saying:
Are you kidding me? Too small

Just about right,
a little bigger could work too

Oh no! I'm falling over.


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Summery on 'Stranger at the Gates'

        When  morning  came,  Telemachus  went  and  told  the  swine-herd,  he  was  going  to  go  see  his  mother,  for  surely  that  would  ease  her  morning.  So  he  set  out,  to  see  his  beloved   mother,  and  he  sent  the  swine-herd  to  take  the  beggar  to  town,  that  he  might  beg  his  meal.
        As  Telemachus  approached  his  home,  his  nurse  Eurycleia  and  the  rest  of  Odysseus'  maids  saw him,  they  all  embraced  him  and  greeted  him  eagerly.  Then  they  quickly  took  him  to  his  mother  Penelope,  who  was  overjoyed  to  see  him  as  well.  Telemachus  told  Penelope  of  his  journey  to  see  Nestor  and  Menelaus, and  how  Odysseus  was  held  by  Calypso.  Telemachus  also  told  his  mother,  that  revenge  would  soon  fall  on  all  the  suiters,  but  Penelope  was  too  grieved  to  believe  it.
       So  Odysseus  and  the  swine-herd  made  their  way  to  Odysseus  old  home,  they  passed  Argos,  the  king's  old  dog  and  it  broke  his  heart  to see Argos  in  such  bad  conditions.
      When  they  got  there,  Athena  told  Odysseus  to  beg  from  the  suiters  so  they  could  tell  good  from  bad.  So Odysseus  did  and recieved  a  few  crumbs,  the  suiters   were  all  confused  though,  because  none  of  them  had  ever  seen  or  heard  of  this  beggar.  But  immediately  Antionous  began  to  throw  insults  at  the  poor  beggar.  Patient  Odysseus  began  to  tell  them  about  his  journey  of  troubles,  but  Antinous  quickly  cut  him  off.  Odysseus,  patience  lost,  began  to  insult  Antinous  equally,  which  enraged Antinous,  so  he  picked  up  a  stool  and  threw  it  at  Odysseus,  but  he  held  strong,  and  Antinous  didn't  even  knock the  beggar off  the  path.
      As  soon  as  Penelope heard of these  events,  she  quickly  sent  for  the  swine-herd,  and  told  him  to  bring  the  beggar,  so  she  could  ask  him  about  her  husband.  But  Odysseus  told  the  swine-herd  to  tell  Penelope  to  wait  until  nightfall,  so  they  could  talk  in  private.


Poem For Week 5

This week the poem is about this book series I really like, called the Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan. I have two other poems based on John Flanagan's series' characters. Here's the one based on just the series. *clearing throat*

The Ranger's Apprentice books,
 They catch my mind like hooks,
 Sometimes they seem very intense,
But ever since, they've been constantly on my mind,
 My thought of the Ranger's Apprentice in which they bind,
 The books can be quite surprising,
  As I wait for the tenth arising,
I'm afraid my patience will grow weary,
Even though sometimes they make me teary,
 They also make me laugh,
 Which immediately cuts my tears in half,
 The books are full of brilliant tricks and schemes,
 They are absolutely amazing,
 I wouldn't change even one thing,
 Now it's time for me to fly, and I bid you good-bye.
This is probably about the longest poem I've written so far, but it's so much fun writing these poems. The Ranger's Apprentice series is really good, and like it says in the poem, It will be very hard for me to wait for the tenth book. I've already finished the ninth book, and the tenth doesn't come out until like April 19. It will definitely be a struggle waiting for the tenth, but I'll live (Hopefully). Well, Talk to you later!!


Holly Escaping the Dungeon

         This is Holly, she tries to get out f the pen we have for her and Michael outside. She's very smart, she can even open our doors and get inside. As long as it is not locked of course.
         Anyway, we've been tring to keep Holly in the pen, but she always seemsto get out....

The Barricade Stuff

Holly right next to the window,
 looking in on us.
Holly gets up there and
looks at us every morning.
But when I tried to take a picture of her;
of course
she gets freaked out,
and tries to run,
but then she noticed she was up there,
and had to do it a little slower
than she may have wanted.


Ready to jump down,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Holly

 Baby Holly is a little older than a year old, her birthday was sometime in May. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but she has really big ears. The first picture I caught it right before she ran away to my parent's closet, again. All of our dogs seem to love sleeping in the sun, come to think of it; the other day I looked at Holly's belly, and she was a little sunburned from lying on her back in the sun. Holly is so goofy, and really paranoid when it comes to water; she runs away if I refill her water bowl. She's a jack russel terrier and blue heeler mix. Blue heeler got their name because when they herded, they would nip at the heel, and when we first got Holly, she ran in circles around us and nipped at our heels. And Holly is also a jack russel terrier which sometimes is a guard dog, so we hear her deep but high pitch bark A LOT. We brought Holly home from a pound when she was three months old. Holly is still a puppy, so she's a little chewy still, but she's really playful, the only playful dog we have. The others just roll over and wait for you to pet them. Holly is a medium sized dog, not a really big dog, but not a toy dog either.

Holly sun-bathing in the dining room
Sleeping silently but also very lightly

Holly cowering before the camera

Baby Holly the day she came home. She got a lot of attention that day, and was exhausted.


Poem For Week 4

This week I made a poem about Shanghai SongBird, which is also now under my profile. And I quote myself:

Shanghai SongBird,
 Is creative and fun,
 But oh yes! I'm not yet done,
She loves the outdoors,
 Even if she falls through the floors,
 Though that's never happened to her,
 Which makes her so much happier,
 She loves crafty art,
 So if you're buying her a present,
 Just add c-art to the cart!
She's very enthusiastic,
 And sometimes a little erratic,
 But hey, that's all the more fun,
 Well I've gotta run,
 So for now I'm done.
Hope you enjoy the poems as much as I enjoy writing them!


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ricey Food

I don't have anything real big to post at the moment. So I'm listing a bunch of food I've had with rice in it. Now let's see, for starters, plain rice, stir fry, rice with bananas, rice with velveeta cheese, rice and peanut butter, rice and potatoes, rice and eggs, fried rice, chips and rice, a grilled sandwich with rice on it, rice pudding, rice with ice cream(not very good), put rice on my pizza once, rice with chicken, rice with pork, I like to mix fried rice with plain rice, rice and beans, rice with strawberries, rice with spaghetti noodles, rice with salad, rice with chicken broth, rice with pot pie, sushi rice, rice and gravy, there are probably more, but at the moment I can't think of any.  I'll eat rice with almost anything, I could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner..... but I won't. This just goes to say, I like rice, and have eaten a lot of that stuff. A little odd I know, but hey, everyone has something a little odd about themselves.


Monday, October 04, 2010

Poem for Week 3

In honor of my friend Logan's birthday, here's the poem of the week:

 He is my email friend,
 His ha-has have no end,
 He comes from the land of New Orleans,
 As do the Saints,
 Luckily he has few complaints,
 He loves soccer,
 And is definitely a big talker,
 He loves the Percy Jackson books like fish on hooks,
 He's a good friend,
 And I'm afraid that's the end.

Happy Birthday Logan!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Horsies and Goaties

  Well these are our cousins' and neighbor's animals. Now I love to go out to see them all the time. There are also chicken, but I don't like them and they're mean to me. So I'm not giving them the honor of my blog.

Here they are all grazing in the pasture

This Is Ginger; she hasn't been trained, but she's so sweet.

Ginger was very puzzled when she saw and heard me taking pictures of her.

This is the billy, he's temporarily here for breeding.

This is Brandy; she's pretty old now, and she's really shy, but she can be really sweet, and she's very fragile.

Yep, she's a little shaggy. She's too shy to let us groom her at the moment.

This is Conan; he's really sweet too, he's getting on the old side also. He's an Arabian Stallion.

If you know your horses; when he runs it's a really beautiful sight. That one way to tell he's an Arabian, also by his posture. 

This is Jezebel; she's really friendly and she loves to play and wrestle. If you jump around and sort of push her ruffly, she'll put her head down and wrestle you or stand on her hind legs. It's really fun to mess with her.

This is Jezebel on her hind legs when you wrestle her.

And if you start to push her like you were wrestling, this what she does; puts her head down and pushes back.

Here is Ginger and the goats rushing to meet us.



 This is 189, she's really friendly and sometimes a little naggy. But the reason I took a picture of 189 is because her and Jezebel are the only goats that aren't shy to people.
These are all the goats; the only ones with names are Jezebel and Bluebell(I'm not 100% sure the goat's name is Bluebell, I think it is though). But the names I think of them in my mind are, front left 189, front middle Smarty, front right Shy Goat, and the billy just billy. The billy's only here temporarily, so they can breed the goats.


Friday, October 01, 2010

The Goofy Puppies

           Personly, I think Michael looks like a sausage in this picture. Well doesn't he!?!?!?! He's really quick for how small he is, and he looks really fat and  sausage-like, but he's pretty muscular. Missy loves to bay and howl, but it's so sweet and cute. Missy chill'in out on the couch and, like I said, Holly is terrified of the camera; the other day I tryed to take a picture of Holly, and she freaked out and ran away to hide in my parents' closet. 
          I think Michael looks like a sausage in this picture. Well doesn't he!?!?!?! He's really quick for how small he is, and he looks really fat and  sausage-like, but he's pretty muscular. Missy loves to bay and howl, but it's so sweet and cute. Missy chill'in out on the couch and, like I said, Holly is terrified of the camera; the other day I tryed to take a picture of Holly, and she freaked out and ran away to hide in my parents' close.

Missy loves to howl
This is what we call Michael's 'guitly look'

Missy had a tiring day

Oh don't mind me, I'm just sitting here chill'in

Please don't me! I'll do whatever you want, just don't take my picture!


The Family Pups

Well, I wanted to show you guys our puppies. Michael, Holly and Missy. Holly is really hard to take pictures of, becaus she's scared of the camera!!! That's one of the very few pictures of Holly I could find. But Michael and Missy are great at posing for pictures. Since they can tolerate it, they usually let me at least get a few good pictures. 

This is Michael, named after
a baseball player
Holly is also named after a
baseball player, Holland

Missy well, I started calling her that
and it just caught on.


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