Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Pick The Roses

This post I had some help from my good friend Logan. So what we have here, are nine roses. I'd love it if everyone one would comment which rose the liked best.

Here are the Special Roses:

Polka-Dot Bubble Gum

Funky Tie-Dye

Head in the Clouds

Striped Peaches

Here are the natural-ish Roses:

The Blind One

Rosie Blush

Deep Blue Sea

Silky Lavender

Pink Sun-Set

Please don't forget to comment!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Mixed Flower

This is a flower between a dogwood and a daisy. It was going to be a dogwood flower, but I ended up putting lots of petals on it. So I just say it's a dogwood daisy mix. this is probably the first flower sketch I drew, but I didn't get around to posting it, well, now I have.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Poem For Week 2

 Goddess of love and beauty,
 She was born from the froth of the sea,
 She shows off her beauty with glee,
 She was wed to Hephaestus,
 Though she preferred Ares,
 Now she lives a life full of ease,
 Men, gods and creatures are in awe of her beauty,
 Though she's not the strongest in loyalty,
 The has a son named Cupid,
 But don't take the two as stupid,
 Cupid is like Hermes,
Full of schemes,
Pointless with no means.


The Yellow Lantana

This is called a lantana; I took a picture of the original lantana in my front yard. And the reason I called it the "yellow" lantana is because there are about 150 different species of lantanas, and I didn't want any confusion if anyone had seen some of the different lantanas.
Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Blind Rose

The reason I call it the blind rose, is because I was going to do a sort of orange rose, but I didn't have the right colors to mix. So I just did it without anything to impersonate or look at for inspiration. And I know this is a little plainer than usual; I'm sort of on a low supply of clay right now and need to restock, I guess you could say.  Thanks for visiting!!!!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Distant Sketches

The first one I was practicing things farther off. And the second one I made it a little distant too, but it's medieval.


Some Tree Sketches

These are two trees I some-what recently made. The first one, I was impersonating a tree in my front yard. The second, I followed some steps to make that one.


Some Horse Sketches

These are some horses I drew last night...... and the other is one I worked on in my trip to Colorado this summer.


My Newest Flower, a Chrysanthemum

This flower was based on a flower called the Chrysanthemum.
Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy!!!!!!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Version of a Alstroemeria

Well, this clay flower I just finished, it was inspired by a flower called the Alstroemeria:



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Poem a Week

Ok, since I've been writing poems a lot lately, I'm going to post one poem a week. this week the poem is about Artemis..... here it goes:

Goddess of the hunt,
 Her arrows are very blunt,
She's very mindful of others being prideful,
 Don't offend her as Actaeon did,
 For she will quickly forbid,
 Don't be distraught if you are neglected,
For she is a virgin and will never let herself be selected.

And that's the poem for this week.


My First Creations

So lately I've been making these small clay things. like flower buds, a cross, and a small vine.
Here are the ones that I've made so far:
 Both yellow daisies. as you can tell my daisy isn't near as realistic, it was the first one I ever made

This flower was based on a flower
 called the camellia:

This one I was just goofing around,
 then the idea of the cross
came to my mind.
So I made a cross.

This is them all together:
 The cross, the yellow daisy, 
 a camellia, a vine,
a purple crazy flower,
and an orange

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.


Greek and Roman Names

Zeus, Jove or Jupiter
Poseidon  Neptune
Hades  Pluto
Hera  Juno
Athena  Minerva
Dionysus  Bacchus
Hephaestus  Vulcan
Apollo Also  Apollo
Artemis  Diana
Ares  Mars
Demeter  Ceres
Persephone  Proserpine
Aphrodite  Venus
Hestia  Vesta
Hermes  Murcery
Cupid  Eros
Odysseus  Ulysses
Leto  Latona
Cronus  Saturn



Orion was the son of the great sea god Poseidon. He was an exceedingly handsome giant, and a very skillful hunter. One day as Orion was walking over the water, he came across the island of Chios. Orion was in love with the king's daughter ansd asked the king for his consent to marry his lovely daughter. The king told Orion once he rid the island of all the beasts, only then would he give his consent. Orion did as he was instructed, but the king kept changing his conditions. Soon Orion became extremely angry and tried to take the king's daughter by force. The sly and cunning king gave Orion alcohol until he was drunk and fell asleep, then he deprived him of his sight. He wandered blindly until he found the island of Lemnos and found Hephaestas. The god had great sympathy for the giant and lent him a young cyclops to help him find the sun god.

Orion carried the youth on his shoulder and soon found the sun god, who shined the rays on the giant's eyes and he regained his sight. After that Orion went to Crete where he met Artemis. Orion was the only man Artemis had ever liked, let alone favored besides her brother Apollo. The two hunted together all the time. Apollo grew very jealous. One day as Artemis was away, Apollo sent a powerful scorpion to attack Orion. Orion's powerful weapons were no match for the scorpion's venom. As Orion turned to run, the mighty beast struck his heel. When Artemis returned and found her beloved friend dead, she was very angry with Apollo. But siblings can never stay angry forever, and Apollo helped her put Orion in the sky as a constellation so he would always be rememmbered.

P.S. At certain times of the year I will go out the front door to look at Orion. Now that I know how to find him, it's really fun.


Myth vs. Truth

Myth is just the way people try to explain things they're uncertain of. Like when there was terrible thunder and lightning the people said it was mighty Zeus, god of lightning showing his wrath. Here are some other examples: When there were hurricanes or tsunamis they thought it was Poseidon when he was angry. They also thought that the strongest of the titans, Atlas, held the world on his shoulders. But in fact the earth is revolving in space. Last of all, the people believed that the giant whirlpool was caused by the deadly sea monster, Charybdis (cur-rib-dis), whirling the water and seizing in everything that got too close. As you can see, when people didn't understand the science of things, they would simply personify, or put human characteristics in their own stories, to explain things around them they couldn't understand. And when science progressed, the people realized their myths were simply forces of nature at work.


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