Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Gift

              Ok, this year my grandmother wanted all her grandkids and her kids etc. (us, cousins and parents on her side) to paint or draw or sketch of just make creative use of this small canvas as her only gift.
             So we all did our small canvasses and gave them to her on Christmas eve and they were awesome, if I do say so myself and I do.
              So here is everyone in my section of the family with their canvas.

My daddy claims he hasn't painted in a long time, but look how great his turned out!!

You might not be able to quite tell on this picture, but my Mom put little blooms made of clay on the canvas. Of course, my Mom has always been great at art.

This is my big bro Alex with his golden tree. Doesn't it look cool?

First of all, Luke was being goofy and trying to make it look like a mug shot with his picture. He wanted me to do it too, but I am not a person who can do that very easily without laughing or smiling while I try. I really think if Luke tried doing that while I was looking at him he would probably smile. My other older brother Luke has always been really good with drawing architecture, so he just did this one with pencils on his canvas. He just did it out of his mind!!!

Well, this is me.... with an Ostrich I painted. I'm not sure if anyone notices, but it's a replica of the sketch I did previously on my blog.

This is Vera with her canvas. She was so excited when my grandmother opened it.

This is Anna, my younger sis, with her canvas. The flash sort of faded the color a bit.
 The green in the picture looks more aqua but is much darker green and the sky is darker too.

This is Emma with her canvas. She was so excited about our grandmother opening it that she grinned until she was tired.

This is Ella with her canvas. When we said that my grandmother was opening Ella's canvas, Ella actually got confused and thought that our grandmother was opening something that belonged to her. But we explained and it all worked out. It was so funny though!!

And the youngest of our clan, Dean. You should have seen his face when he saw our grandmother opening the canvas he made he, his face had such a big smile I almost thought it would hurt, but it didn't.


Snowmen, Penguins, Plus Holiday, Oh My!!!!

         This is pretty goofy, but more goof more fun (sometimes). So we have these cute little salt & pepper shakers, two penguins and two snowmen.
         I just thought they were so cute and I had to post about them.
         These little guys are just adorable, plus, I had to give them a little publicity before they go back into storage.

Here all the Penguins and Snowmen are together. (They wanted to go on a get-together before they have to go back to storage). They've all be together for quite some time.... but at the moment I can't recall.

So these are the penguins, they just love to get matching scarves for each other. (It must be some couple thing, I don't know why, but they just do). Mrs. Penguin is on the left and Mr. Penguin is on the right.

These are the Snowmen, they also wanted to be together one last time before they go back to the storage. Mrs. Snowmen has the polka-dot hat and Mr. Snowmen the top hat.

This big fellow is the Penguin family's new friend. They met at the lake last frost. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Lunar Eclipse

          So last night at about 2:00 a.m. we woke up to look at a Lunar Eclipse that was happening. It was really cool. Now I tried to take a picture, but we should've known that you cannot take a picture of the sky when it's dark unless you have some high-techy-camera-thingy. So of course, our poor little camera didn't work. The reason I went ahead and tried anyway was because I have actually taken pictures of the sun before, and it worked. I also learned that when I went on a trip to Colorado and tried to take pictures of the stars all I got was a black screen. So the lesson is 'It's impossible to take a picture of a night sky unless you have some sort of high-techy-camera-thingy.'   
           The good news is even though I didn't get a picture of the Lunar Eclipse, I found a picture of a different one on the internet.
  (This isn't the Lunar Eclipse that happened recently, but that I found on the internet)
          The Lunar Eclipse we saw last night wasn't quite that red, just imagine one a little paler and that's about how ours was.
           It seems that we won't be seeing another Lunar Eclipse for quite some time, NASA thinks there won't be another until  December 2094, and that's a LONG time. Or, at least that's what we heard last night. Well hopefully some of us got to see it.
         So now I'm waiting to see a Solar Eclipse, I hope there will be one soon!! 


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poem for Week 12

So this week's poem is about yet another Greek myth (hey, that's just what I've been writing about).

Jason and the Argonauts
They were very endeavoring and determined, 
Nothing could stop their determination,
Not gods, not men, nor even a whole nation,
They were brave and daring fighters,
And like all youths,
They were late-out-nighters,
They were all strong and bold,
And for some reason,
Never caught a cold,
So that is my summery of the Argonauts,
Though I used to confuse them with the astronauts.

Well, I'm almost completely out of poems now if not. So I think I won't post any more poems for at least until sometime in January, after  I'm done with all the busy Christmas stuff and write some more poems. I think I have a hunch on a poem that is going to be with an AWESOME surprise post around the beginning of January.  


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The desert Camel

    Well I was trying to come up with another sketch to post with this one, but I couldn't   think of one right off hand that I wanted to do. So I just left it as it was; a camel. It's not like I think my school is boring, but I am very easily side tracked, and I also just do it to give my eyes some rest from the reading.
Here is the camel I drew, this I drew just right out of my head.
So you could say I was using my imagination.

I'm really sorry the picture is a little blurry, for some reason the camera is not cooperating today.
Well, I tried.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Special Newz/ Poem for Week 11

  So today is my younger sister Anna's birthday, and she is turning 11 (maybe it's a coincidence that she turned 11 for poem of the week). In one of my previous posts, I said I was in need of poems for the blog. Well it just so happens Anna wrote one for me about Christmas And winter coming.

 Winter is coming 'round
Trees are dying,
Birds are flying,
Winter is a comin' round,
Children in their gowns,
Christmas is here,
So don't shed even a single tear,
Toys are coming,
So be grateful,
This is not fateful,
So spread a big cheer,
Christmas is here!

By my younger sis Anna


Friday, December 03, 2010

Blog Notice/ Poem for Week 10

The Shanghai SongBird blog is in desperate need of poems, If anyone would like to volunteer to write one, please consult me soon.

Hey, I never said I was going to be the only one writing poems anyway.
I haven't come up with any poems in quite some time, and I really don't have many I can do left.

Well here are two for this week, but I think it will be the last poem probably until January. Especially since  Christmas is almost here.

They're both about a series I'm almost done reading called 'The Ranger's Apprentice.' I'm posting them together because they have to do with the same thing; the series.

Skillful and daring,
But he's also extremely caring,
He's called the mighty Oakleaf Night or Sunrise Warrior,
He's one of the best warriors,
Not one of those couriers,
But he used to be ill tempered and angry,
Now he's always hungry,
He used to be arrogant and rude,
Now he has an optimistic and pleasant mood,
And it is said that he once broke his nose,
You better hope you never have to fight him,
For he will most surely keep you on your toes.

Courageously bold and brave,
But watch how you behave,
For if you offend a ranger,
You could be in danger,
He's swift as a bird,
and silent as the wind,
But be careful,
He could be just around the bind,
Never appose a ranger,
Or you will soon find they are of great danger.

I've read almost the whole series, and it's almost over. These books are really popular, but as it happens, almost everyone I know hasn't heard of the series. I'm just dying to talk to some one about the series though.


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