Friday, February 25, 2011

Goats, Goats, and Even More Goats

             So fairly recently, two more baby goats were born.

             So here are the pictures.

This is their Mommy

These are the siblings. On the left is the boy, and on the right is the girl.

The little shy-guy. He isn't really that fat

These siblings seem very close

The little guy is very curious about people, but very shy to them

He's a little quirky

She's very energetic

See? They wrestle sometimes, but in the end, they're best friends

This was the mischievous girl getting ready to pounce her brother

Look at that sweet face
            Whenever the goats are bred again, we'll have even more goats. This herd is growing quickly.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horsie Sketchies

             Well, I don't really have anything to post about that comes to mind, so I'll just go with this.          

              Just a few days ago, I drew some more horses.
              I drew three horses...

              So tell me what you think.


Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tortoise and the Lamb

             So for school I had a few options for a Proverbs Project, and I chose Fables.

              I have written one Fable so far, and I have a couple more to write.

             Here's my Fable, and let me know what you think.

       The Tortoise and the Lamb

         One sunny day, as a prideful Lamb was frolicking around, he spotted, in the shade of a tree alongside the river, the Old Tortoise resting.

          The Lamb came to the Tortoise and began to mock him and boast of his own speed, endurance, nimbleness, and long lasting energy.

          The Old Tortoise was very wise, and calmly told the Lamb not to be so foolish, haughty, and impulsive.

           The Lamb was very stubborn and would not listen to the Tortoise’s advice and ran off, kicking up dirt as he went.

           The next day, the Lamb again came to the Tortoise, full of mockery and boastfulness.

            The Tortoise again tried to reason with the Lamb about his poor sense and bad attitude, but again the Lamb scampered off.

            The next day, for a third time, the Tortoise tried to reason with the Lamb, but again he ran off.

            This time, however, when the Lamb returned to his friends and family, he found that they, too, were quite annoyed with all his foolishness and he was cast off.

             When he came to the Tortoise looking for pity and sympathy, the Old Tortoise only said:

              Incline your ears, and hear the words of the wise [Proverbs 22:17a],

            Lest you be despised and ignored.  

And no, I didn't get my idea from the Tortoise and the Hare.

I chose the verse, found a wise animal (the Tortoise) and a foolish one (the Lamb).

Then came up with a story.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Dream

                I had a dream.

                I don't remember when, but I remember having a very vivid dream.

                Sometimes when you have dreams, no matter how long ago, you just don't forget them.

                The Dream Part

                So my dream started out with me and my Uncle.

                For some reason, we were at a huge ranch where they bred horses.

                We were just walking along on the wide aisles between the various pastures.

                The horses at this pasture weren't like any other horses ever seen before.

                The horses' coats were very golden colored, they had long manes and tails, and their size and shape was surprisingly like a Shetland pony's.

                 After a while my Uncle and I stopped and just watched the horses, and he told me that one of them was going to be mine.

                 He told me that we were very lucky to be getting one of these horses, because they were very, very valuable and rare few people owned them.

                 I asked if my horse would ever have a baby, and he told me that these horses could have hundreds, and we'd be lucky to have less than a hundred.

                And then I woke up.

                It was a very vivid dream, and seems to be one that I just haven't forgotten... and I have no idea why.

                It was a bit of an odd dream, but it was an awesome dream.

                So I drew a picture somewhat of the horse from my dream, It's not exactly how it was pictured in my mind, but close enough to show.

                It definitely took a while to draw this, but it was worth it.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally, an Adequate Picture of Holly... Well Good Enough

            The other day we got say, about 4 inches of snow.

             While I was walking around taking some pictures, I saw Holly running towards me from our front door.

              Holly has gotten really fast, I mean really fast.

              If Holly decides to play chase outside with you, it can be a very difficult task to catch her.

              Holly can aslo out run both our other dogs; Michael and Missy.
             As Holly approached, I took some pictures of her.

             And when Holly saw the camera in my hands, instead of stopping, she ran straight on past me.

             That was pretty funny.

             Well, here she comes!!

The Cropped Version

Now I think this is a pretty cool looking picture.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ole Western Horses





            Awesome, right?


Friday, February 11, 2011


           Yet another set of twin goats!!! They are both white with a little bit of brown on their heads.

           The good news is that the mommy seems to be healthy and nursing her babies.

            So now there are five babies in all; three brown and white, one solid brown, and one white and black.

             We just went out there today to feed the horses, and walla, there's a goat over by an almost fully eaten hay bale with to white splotches beside her.

               The babies are so cute!!

                It's so weird seeing how small these babies are because I'm so used to the others that are so much bigger.

                We think they were probably born early this morning.

               My cousins said that the reason the other mommies wouldn't let their babies nurse was probably because of too much human contact.

                So we've made sure that we're not bothering or getting too close to the mommy right now.

                I'm just happy because the mommy is giving both of her babies attention and guarding them and letting them nurse.

                My cousins' dog Beanie loves to play with the baby goats, but when she tried to play with these, the mommy was watching her very closely. When she got too close the mommy would look like she was charging but would only went a few steps.

                That definitely kept Beanie away.

                It sounds like it's mean to let Beanie make the goat so nervous, but it's actually good.

                First, the mommy needs to learn. and that will make her a better mommy the next time.

                Second, it's also much less risky because it's Beanie; she wouldn't hurt anyone or anything.

                 Well, that's all I have to say for now, maybe later when the mommy is ready, I'll take some pictures of her babies.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puppies or Goats?

              I don't have anything much to say, so I just want to point one thing out about the baby goats.

              They're like puppies!!!

              First, the baby goats love to chase you around and frolic around with you... Baby goats can run much faster than dogs at such a young age. (The babies are only about a month old)

              Second, they're almost always next to someone and vocalizing and yappin' up a storm.              

              Third, instead of licking you a plenty, the baby goats nibble at your fingers.

              The baby goats are so cute, and sometimes it even looks like they're trying to mimic one of the dogs.

               When the babies get a little bit older, they will be moved to a bigger pen, and then eventually to the pasture with the rest of the animals; when ever that happens I'll be able to get some clearer pictures.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Growing Kids (Goats)

              I finally took some new pictures of the baby goats. So there are three kids; one solid brown, one white with a little black, and one white with a little brown.

              So here are the little cuties:

           None of the babies have been named yet, but they most likely will be named when they get out into a bigger pen. All of them are girls, and the two brown ones are siblings.

The red in the background is actually a heater.


It's a Winter Wonderland

            So this weekend we got about 4-5 inches of snow. It was really fun, and not only did the people like it, but the animals seemed to be pretty frisky and excited.

I did not get any pictures of Diamond because she really didn't like the noise that the camera made, so I left her alone.

Michael just wasn't out when I took the pictures.








One of the mommy goats

Beanie or Sabine

Gemi-Jam or just Gem



Maybe I really should rename this place to The Land of a Thousand Animals.


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