Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Savanna Runners

Again I was a little bored while doing some school work, so this time I drew an ostrich and a giraffe.

 It seems when I don't want to do something very much, even though I need to, I just stall myself.

Let's just say I had a lot of trial and error on this giraffe. I tried to make a body for this giraffe, but it didn't turn out too well, so I just decided to do the head.

This was really fun, I didn't have a reason to sketch it other than, just being a little bored with my school.

I guess now I'm calling the sketches from my school book 'Themed Sketches,' And they'll be more often now. I don't know why, but to me sketching can almost be like therapy, it definitely can calm me down when I'm not in a great mood.

I said in one of the posts I would try to write a Thanksgiving poem, but I couldn't come up with it... actually I didn't really think about it very much. Now I'm making a cornucopia out of clay.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poem for Week 9

Since Autumn is here, I decided to write a short poem about Autumn.

Autumn is here,
So give a big cheer,
The leaves' color has changed,
But they will soon return to the exchanged,
So for now all we can do is enjoy,
Oh boy,
It seems I was lost in time,
Oh well,
That was fun to rhyme.

The reason I wrote this poem was so I could show a few pictures of Autumn around here. 

 I took the picture of this tree when the sun was shining really brightly on it.

This just shows some of the array of different colors of trees we have around here, but lots of the colors in one picture.

Even though daylight-savings is over, there are still some really beautiful sunsets, I just happened to be right there with a camera when this one happened.

It seems for some reason, I'm going through 2 fazes right now. The first is for some reason I keep taking pictures of the sun. It's not like I look directly at the sun when I take the pictures, I really just an estimate, but the sun looks cool when I can see it with the camera. I think I'll post some of the pictures of the sun when I can decide what to post with them. 

The second faze is color, at the moment I seem to be really into purple. I don't know why, I just really like purple at the moment.

Since Thanksgiving is almost here I want to write a poem about it... I don't really know if I'll come up with it by then, but I'll certainly try.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


So we're puppy-sitting this weekend for my grandparents, and they have a little Yorkie named Bruiser.
 If you ever happen to find Bruiser's special scratchy spot (which is almost anywhere) he quivers and shakes all over, but it's so cute!  Another really sweet thing about Bruiser, is if you ever call him over to you like by saying his name and stuff, he sneezes! Bruiser will literally smile so big that he sneezes (like Win-Dixie!).
Bruiser is even still as dazzling a puppy, even when he's probably around seven or eight years old now.
But I think I've stalled you enough from this little cutie, so here he is,
The Yorkie, Bruiser:

This is Bruiser bustling around in the plants.
Did you know he's a poet like me too?
And I quote... here I go to catch a peek,
sneak, sneak, sneak.

 So where to next?

I'm walking, I'm walking,
I'm walking, freeze!

Wait, Get this for my
Mommy and Daddy! Cheese!

Hello, are you
still coming?

Ok, all done with the pictures...
oh wait, I can just give you
the puppy-face!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Couple of Small, Nimble Foresters

       Well, yesterday when I was doing school I got a little bored, so I took a break and decided to sketch a little. The result: I ended up sketching a rabbit and a squirrel, I tried to come up with a few others that related to them, but I didn't like how they turned out.
So here are the Rabbit and Squirrel sketches I made:

So this is my Squirrel, almost a rabbit, but turning out to be a Squirrel.

And this is my Rabbit. I don't know, I just felt like sketching.

      It's a good thing I'm Home-Schooled, so I won't get in trouble for sketching a little on the back of my schedule folder. But hey, it's just blank on the other side of the schedule anyway, so it doesn't do any harm.  
I just right my name or color or sketch or doodle on the back... it sort of marks my spot anyway.  
It's not like I skip school to do it, but it gives me a little break on school if it just bores me too much.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Poem for Week 8

Well 'tis a wonderful time to share my poetry.
So I will:

A New Day

When morning comes,
The beautiful sun rises,
Bringing a new day, 
full of  surprises.

When the beautiful sun rises,
The birds sing their lovely song,
Almost the whole day long,
The birds sing their melodies,
Which to many, are great symphonies.

When morning comes,
People wake up and get out of bed,
Shake their tiresome head,
And look towards the day ahead,
They get ready for the day,
This for some only feels like a replay,
But others have days full of new surprises,
Just waiting for whatever arises.

When the sun is in the sky ablaze,
The majestic horses run to graze,
There are so many beautiful horses,
And they all have different graze courses,
Some roam far,
And some stay close,
And like ours,
Some roamed whichever they chose.

When the sun is in the sky ablaze,
People walk through the crowd-like maze,
Many go to find their mid-day meal,
Some eat this,
And some eat that,
And some,
Only wear their special hat.

When nightfall comes,
Many people and animals go to rest,
Some even sleep in the position of a crest,
 Some are much livelier at night,
 They can be such a sight,
Some are small,
And some are rather large,
And some,
Even think they’re in charge.

Now that the poem is completed,
I cannot remain seated,
So I must be on my way,
Because it’s time to return to my day.

'Twas a lovely poem, one ought to think. As for mine self, poetry is a gift, which makes it so much easier to uplift.  Well it's time for me to ring the ending bell, so I bid thee farewell.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Away From the Horrible Camera!

Ok, when I the pictures of Missy in the cowboy hat, I caught Holly in a few pictures too. Of course she was running away, but I still got the pictures of her. Holly wasn't happy about it, but I'm still going to show the pictures I caught of her.

Oh no!! you found me!

Get away! Oh wait, I can out run you!

Haha! Can't get me now... Wait!
That's not fair!
I wasn't ready!

If you noticed, Holly has a brown splosh on her hips and tail. She has had that since she was a baby, it was actually black-ish though. Well, Holly is both Blue-Heeler and a Jack-Russell terrier. Blue-Heelers are usually spotted, so that mark could be very common.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Finally, the Perfect hat!

Well, I think I found Missy the perfect hat. Ok, so my little sister Ella was Woody for Halloween, and she has this little Woody cowboy hat, well guess what, I put it on Missy and it fits her perfectly! So here's Missy being talkative (but never as much as me! Hehehe)

No, I won't cooperate!

Fine, you got me.

Oh, ok! Is this good?

Hey, I think you've taken enough
pictures of me.
So no more pictures of me! Ok?
Usuallly I'm against poor puppies wearing clothes, but this is just pretend. Besides, I only make our puppies wear these for a few minutes, and then they never cope with them again. It's not like these hat make them uncomfotrable, unlike some clothes for pups that like restrains thim. But our puppies don't even mind, so they let me get away with this little thing.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Poems for Week 7

Well, it turns out I did end up coming up with a new poem, last night in fact. Like I said, when I like what I'm writing, it just clicks. But I think I'll wait until next week to show the newest poem. It will give you viewers something to look forward to. I will say this, the new poem is called 'A New Day' and is the longest poem I've ever written. But I guess you guys will just have to wait until next week to see it.

Oh well, you can just see the poems for this week. Again, since they're short and similar to their stories I'm posting them together. The first one is about the Greek god Hades Lord of the Under World:

Hades, Lord of the Dead,
Sadly all his joy has been shed,
He is very gloomy with few words,
But beware,
He's swift as a bird,
Lightning fast as a snake,
But you'd better hope,
Your life he doesn't take.

The second one is about Persephone, daughter of the Greek goddess Demeter, who was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the Under World:

Goddess of spring,
She loved to here the birds ring,
Though she misses her ladies,
Because she was taken to Hades.

Yes I know, those poems were really short; the first few poems I wrote were especially short. A lot of them are still pretty short, but they're getting longer. Especially since I'm getting more used to writing them, so I can come up with more to put in them. Well, it looks like now I've Written 19 poems so far, even though I'm not posting two of them. Well, time for me to go. I guess everyone can look forward to the big poem for next  week. Because as it seems, I haven't had anything different to post lately.
It seems that my poems have just been getting longer and longer, but they also seem to vary in size.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Urgent Need of Poems!

This is an urgent message, I've been doing Poem a Week for about six weeks now, but I'm running out of poems, if anyone has suggestions please tell me.

I'm sure I have some more poems to last a little while longer. I haven't thought of any new poems in a while, and they're starting to run out.

The thing is, I've got around 13 poems, but some I grouped together because of being too small, and I still have a few more that I will group. It would definitely be helpful to have more poems ready for posting.

I can right a poem about almost anything, but for me, it usually has to be something I am willing to write about. When I write the poems, I decide I want to write, then it seems to just click and race through my mind.

If anyone has any idea, that would be a great help. just comment the topic or theme and I'll probably see it eventually. Thanks so much!


Monday, November 01, 2010

In Sunshine and in Shadow of Halloween

          So Halloween pretty much the whole family went up to my grandparent's house, you know, so we could Trick-or-Treat. I must say, there were some cute costumes for Halloween. Out of the eight kids in our family five were in costumes; Dean was Buz-Lightyear from Toy-Story, Ella was Woody from Toy-Story, Vera was actually my Dad, she wore a suit and everything, Emma was an Egyptian queen, and finally, Anna was the Greek goddess Artemis.     
          We went to our grandparent's house with all our costumes and such, and we got ready there, after we went Trick-or-Treating and then watched the World Series soon after. It was fun, even though I didn't have a costume and didn't actually Trick-or-Treat for candy, I still tagged along with Anna, Emma and Dean (since we went a little bit of a different route than some of the others, plus, somebody needed to keep those kids out of trouble). Besides, they shared some of their candy with me when we were done anyway.
This is Dean, there has been a lot of
 Toy-Story watching over here,
so we decided 
Dean might like to be Buz-Lightyear.
You should have seen the look
on his face, it was so cute! 

Here are Ella and Dean,
originally Dean was going
to be Woody from Toy-Story,
but it was a little too small,
so Ella was thrilled to be
Woody instead, and Dean
ended up being Buz-Lightyear.

Well very has always been a
major Tom-Boy,
but a lot lately she had been saying
she wanted to
go to work and wear a suit and
tie like Daddy.
So a friend of my mom's gave her a
hand-me-down and she became
 Daddy for Halloween.
Aren't Daddies so scary?

Emma was a Cleopatra queen,
here she is doing the
Egyptian dance.

This was when I actually got
Emma to hold still,
not everyone may know this,
 but Emma loves to dance and move,
so when she happens to be dancing,
it can be hard to get her to stop.

Emma doing well... I can't actually
 remember what she was doing at that point.

So Anna got to be Artemis,
since she is sort of a Tom-Boy
but loves Greek Mythology,
my mom decided to make
her a costume of Artemis;
 the Greek goddess of the Hunt.

These are the Arrows Anna and I made,
we just found some strong
sticks around the house
 and carved and sanded them smooth,
 added some chicken
 feathers from our cousins' chickens,
and then our
mom spray-painted them all silver.

Now, into the Shadow

It's Vera the BEAR!

This was Emma surprised and
throwing orders at the same time.

YOU, you're mine!!
Now get over there!
 It's Anna's notorious smile!!
Nothing gets past the ALL-SEEING-EYE!

Wait for it...

It's not Anna who's scary in this one,
but the creature behind her!!
Ok, it's actually
Calypso in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
We were watching the movie
the other night, and I decided to
 take a picture of Anna,
and Calypso was in the background.
When I took the picture,
for some reason,
 Calypso turned RED!


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