Sunday, January 29, 2012


     Anna finally got a bunny of her own! The bunny is six weeks old, his name is Orion, and he's a rex rabbit. Rex rabbits are a type of rabbit that were originally wild in France in 1919.So Orion, you better watch your manners! They are known for being being really soft and plush, that is proven true! Orion is soo cute and soft. He's also extremely calm.
     He's named Orion for, well, Orion of course! Orion has a sister, named Diana, the Roman name for Artemis. Orion and Artemis were hunting companions, so why not give the bunnies names of two great companions?
     Our friends were given two bunnies; one too many, and of all people to ask, they asked us if we wanted one! Anna was super excited, she still is extremely enthusiastic. She was cuddling with the bunny earlier, and it was so cute! The bunny even started nibbling at her fingers. It was adorable; both Anna and the bunny.

So, here are a few pictures I took last night after we arrived home from getting the bunny:

So cute, isn't he? He'll get a bit bigger, as well. I'm not sure how much bigger he will get, only time will tell, I guess.


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