Thursday, April 14, 2011

The New Doggie; Sunny

           Just when I thought we had enough animals around here, my cousins get a new dog. Her name is Sunny.

           Sunny is a special breed called a Kangal, which is a Turkish breed that instinctively is a guard dog. The Kangal is very good for guarding livestock like sheep and goats, or sometimes even people. That's why they got Sunny; to protect all the goaties.

           We have all kinds of predators that might try to prey on the goats, like bobcats and coyotes, so getting Sunny will provide more safety for not only the goats, but even the the rest of the animals.

            Kangal dogs are known (by some) for being very devoted to whomever they gaurd. Sunny isn't too devoted yet, but when she get's a little older she will be. Since she's still a bit of a puppy, Sunny is very energetic, but also sweet. 

             Sunny is really big, she's a bit bigger than Missy and yet, she's only six or seven months old by now.

             As we keep breeding the goats, there will be more and more, so Sunny will be very busy.

              Sunny is not a house pet, she will be with the goats 24/7, guarding them. Sunny is a Kangal, so she will instinctively become a member of the goats' family, keeping them all safe.

              This is Sunny, still barely a puppy, but she'll learn, like her breed's instinct. Sunny is a typical looking Kangal dog; with a tan-ish coat, a black mask, dark ears, and a curled tail.


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