Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muchas Animales

          Hola! I don't know why I did the first bit in Spanish, but hey! There you go, now you know that I can speak a small bit of Spanish.

Let's say hello to some of the animals we have around here :)

My baby, Diamond.

This is Hatchet (or Hatchie) she's the baby of the herd. Hey, she's only two years old. She is also Diamond's baby BTW

Our puppy Holly

My Missy-moo

A glimpse of the sky from below the trees

That Sunny

My baby Ginger <3




Some of these pictures aren't all that new, but it's good to look at the old ones too, right? There are goats too, but, they may be having babies soon(ish I hope) so I'll will wait to take pictures of them until later.


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