Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowmen, Penguins, Plus Holiday, Oh My!!!!

         This is pretty goofy, but more goof more fun (sometimes). So we have these cute little salt & pepper shakers, two penguins and two snowmen.
         I just thought they were so cute and I had to post about them.
         These little guys are just adorable, plus, I had to give them a little publicity before they go back into storage.

Here all the Penguins and Snowmen are together. (They wanted to go on a get-together before they have to go back to storage). They've all be together for quite some time.... but at the moment I can't recall.

So these are the penguins, they just love to get matching scarves for each other. (It must be some couple thing, I don't know why, but they just do). Mrs. Penguin is on the left and Mr. Penguin is on the right.

These are the Snowmen, they also wanted to be together one last time before they go back to the storage. Mrs. Snowmen has the polka-dot hat and Mr. Snowmen the top hat.

This big fellow is the Penguin family's new friend. They met at the lake last frost. 


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