Friday, February 11, 2011


           Yet another set of twin goats!!! They are both white with a little bit of brown on their heads.

           The good news is that the mommy seems to be healthy and nursing her babies.

            So now there are five babies in all; three brown and white, one solid brown, and one white and black.

             We just went out there today to feed the horses, and walla, there's a goat over by an almost fully eaten hay bale with to white splotches beside her.

               The babies are so cute!!

                It's so weird seeing how small these babies are because I'm so used to the others that are so much bigger.

                We think they were probably born early this morning.

               My cousins said that the reason the other mommies wouldn't let their babies nurse was probably because of too much human contact.

                So we've made sure that we're not bothering or getting too close to the mommy right now.

                I'm just happy because the mommy is giving both of her babies attention and guarding them and letting them nurse.

                My cousins' dog Beanie loves to play with the baby goats, but when she tried to play with these, the mommy was watching her very closely. When she got too close the mommy would look like she was charging but would only went a few steps.

                That definitely kept Beanie away.

                It sounds like it's mean to let Beanie make the goat so nervous, but it's actually good.

                First, the mommy needs to learn. and that will make her a better mommy the next time.

                Second, it's also much less risky because it's Beanie; she wouldn't hurt anyone or anything.

                 Well, that's all I have to say for now, maybe later when the mommy is ready, I'll take some pictures of her babies.


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