Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puppies or Goats?

              I don't have anything much to say, so I just want to point one thing out about the baby goats.

              They're like puppies!!!

              First, the baby goats love to chase you around and frolic around with you... Baby goats can run much faster than dogs at such a young age. (The babies are only about a month old)

              Second, they're almost always next to someone and vocalizing and yappin' up a storm.              

              Third, instead of licking you a plenty, the baby goats nibble at your fingers.

              The baby goats are so cute, and sometimes it even looks like they're trying to mimic one of the dogs.

               When the babies get a little bit older, they will be moved to a bigger pen, and then eventually to the pasture with the rest of the animals; when ever that happens I'll be able to get some clearer pictures.


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