Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Along

      I'm very happy to say that Ginger and Brandy are getting along very well with the new horses. 

      When we had just gotten the horses, Ginger was SO excited; I mean she was running in circles and hyperventilating. Ginger seems to love the new buddies that have arrived.

      Today when we went to go check on the horses; water check and food etc. , Ginger was muzzling Hatchet. My cousin also said that Brandy was really loving the new horses, too.

       Conan is still a little bit edgy, but I think he is beginning to warm up.

       We have had a little bit of snow lately. I'm hoping the snow won't be too wet and muddy tomorrow; then I might get to take some more pictures of our horses.

        Since the snow is so white, it makes all four white horses look very cream colored; but when it's summer they'll all seem a lot whiter.

        I love it when it's cold here. But when it gets all warm and flowery I really want to take pictures of our new horsies. The pictures look a lot better when the plants are pretty and things are green and shiny.

       So just as a somewhat review, here are all of the horses...

Meet Conan, the man of the family. He can be very sweet, just in the winter he's a little more on edge. For what seems like forever, Conan was the only eligible for riding, but it won't be too long before we start riding Diamond. Conan is definitely getting a little old (as far as horses go), but he has definitely been showing us that he still has a lot of spirit left in him.

This is Brandy, she's super shy, but she can be so sweet and gentle. I can't remember if she or Conan is older, I know they are very close in age though. I'm sure hardly anyone, if anyone, knows that the guy who gave us Diamond and Hatchet is the very same guy who gave my cousins Brandy quite a few years ago. She may be shaggy and old, but she's very gentle and sweet too.

This is my sweet, sweet Ginger. Ginger is very spirited, she also isn't even fully trained. She is really sweet and very gentle. Sometimes she can get a little wild and spooked, but she really is so sweet. I was there on the very day Ginger was brought home, and I've loved her ever since. Ginger used to be like Diamond and Hatchet with the rivalry with Conan, but now she loves him. Not long after we got Ginger, if we EVER took Conan out of the pen, Ginger would literally run up and down the fence and whinny until Conan was back safe in the pen again. A few times when I rode Conan, Ginger was running up and down the fence, and all of a sudden Conan start running back to see Ginger. I was lucky I didn't fall off of Conan. Ginger also always has that spirited and eager look, I don't know why, but to me Ginger always looks eager and spirited; that's one thing I always will love about her.

This is the new mommy in the herd, Diamond. When we first got her she was pretty scared and timid, but she is beginning to warm up to her new surroundings, I'm positive. My mom says that Diamond has a very homey face, and I'm beginning to believe her on that. Diamond is really gentle and sweet. Something really funny about her is... she likes being scratched on her rump. It's true, she loves to be scratched on her rear end, if you start she just about freezes until you stop; she absolutely loves it!!

This is Hatchet Diamond's baby girl, she is only a year and a half. Hatchet is so shy right now, but she and Diamond have already begun to come to us more and are looking like they might be relaxing a bit more. Whenever I feed them, even if I put the food in separate bends, Diamond and Hatchet always share their food and eat it at the same time. They just walk to one, eat it together then walk to the next and eat it together.
         I've made quite a few memories with all the animals, and I'm sure I will make more with these new horses too. I'm hoping all of the horses will make friends. I know Ginger and Brandy already like the newcomers, and Conan will like them too, but just in his own time.

         And even though we have new horses, Ginger will ALWAYS still be my baby.


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