Friday, January 07, 2011

Kids Are Born!!!

       I already said that my cousins were breeding these goats, and at the moment only two seem to be very pregnant. So far one of the goats has had twins, one girl and one boy.
 The girl was born sometime last night and the boy was born about noon today. The girl seems to be very healthy and walking around, but the boy has been having trouble getting up. We think he'll be fine, he's only a few hours old, so he might just need more time.
      The twins haven't really been eating much, we're hoping the mom might nurse them more if we left her alone.

      There are three goats in particular (out of five) that we thought were pregnant, one of them doesn't seem to be, but we think she might still be. There are two of the goats that are really pregnant. One of them just had twins, and the other we expect will give birth tonight.

      I took a few pictures of the baby girl, the boy kept squirming too much so I thought I wouldn't take any pictures of him... yet.

      They are so cute!! The baby girl almost looks exactly like her mommy; she has the exact same brown marks on her face, she just doesn't have horns yet.

Isn't she so cute? We don't have a name right now, but I think she'll be okay for the time being.

She is so cute, she just walked around the pen making her little baby noises and trying to find a way out. finally after all her walking she had to take a nap.

This is the baby just walking around the pen. They are just so cute when they're babies!!!

Can you see the similarities? They look really similar, except their big age difference changing things a little and no horns on the baby.

This is just the mommy lying down, after having twins she has been pretty tired and really hungry and thirsty.
         It's fun just to watch the little babies. I know the baby girl was born fine, but the boy was backwards and our neighbor helped pull 'em. At fist we thought the baby boy might have had a broken bone or something, but he seems to be fine. The thing we're a little worried about is, there's supposed to be a cold front this weekend, we just hope the babies will be strong enough by then.

      We figured out that the horses we're getting are named Diamond and Emma, Diamond for the mare, and Emma for the colt. We think we'll keep Diamond's name, but we're going to change the colt's name to Hatchet.


Jenna, a Jonas Fan January 7, 2011 at 5:55 PM  

AWWW!!!! IT IS SO ADORABLE!! ALL I CAN THINK IS AWW!!!! They remind me of our lop rabbits mixed with a goat!!

Anonymous,  January 8, 2011 at 12:57 PM  

loved the pictures. I can hardly wait to see all the new animals the next time we are down.


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