Saturday, January 08, 2011

Goats and More Goats!!

       Well, another goats had twins; two boys. One of the boys is completely brown and the other just is white with a brown head.

       I said one of the boys was having trouble getting up, he's great now; up and walkin'.

       I took a few more pictures of the babies.

This was the first baby born, she's a real cutie, isn't she?

This is her bubba, he was having trouble at first, but he's fine now.

Awwwww, isn't he cute?

This is their cousin who is completely brown. He was born a few hours ago.

This is the brown one while he was drying in the sun and sucking on someone's finger.... I can't even remember who.

That was the brownie when he was a few minutes old and drying off.
       I guess I didn't take any pictures of the fourth baby... I will next time I guess.

       There's still another goat who is about to have babies!! She has been going through some of her labor today, but we think she just isn't ready to give birth yet.

       The babies remind me of lop eared rabbits!! They just look so cuddley!!! They can be very sensitive, when you pick them up they might just start yapping and yapping; it's cute though, as long as it is NOT non-stop.

        I think my cousins will sell the boys when they get older (can't have a lot of boy goats; or they'll fight). Luckily there is one girl so far, and I'll take pictures of her as she grows.

        If we're lucky, it looks like we'll have some more babies tomorrow, we'll see.


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