Saturday, January 01, 2011

Blog Newz

       Well, I guess I won't be showing any poems for a while... I seem to be having a writer's block, and can't even come up with any poem topics right now. Also I won't be showing the poems because I think I've gone through all of my poems in my notepad.

       Even if I don't have any poems to show, I have some very exciting stuff about to happen here that I can post about.

      I've been working on a clay flower of a poinsettia, now I'm not too far into it yet since when I make these clay flowers I takes a lot of time, plus, I can be lazy sometimes too.

      So the first thing I will say is my cousin have some animals that are about to have babies (three are pregnant), and I'll get to help take care of the babies when they're born!!!!
      The reason I'm not mentioning exactly what animals are about to have babies is because I have friend who I haven't told even what kind of animal it is and she reads this blog, so I don't want to give it away yet. When the babies are born I'll probably post about them not long after that.  So there's a surprise to look forward to.           

       The other news I have is really awesome (drum role!), my sister and I are getting horses!!! We're getting these two solid appaloosa horses; a mare and her colt.
        The mare is trained so we might get to ride more now. The colt is still really young at eighteen months, but I've heard that's usually about when you start training the horses. My sister and I also came up with a name for the colt, Hatchet. The appaloosa is a horse that has been favored by Indians, and  Indians have probably used hatchets before, so we've decided on Hatchet. Mostly I really wanted a unique name we could name our horses when we get them; not a name that's so common.
        We don't really plan on naming the mare, since she probably already has a name that she's used to. The mare is a trained horse, I mean, why would someone go through all the trouble of training a horse and not even give them a name... actually I could probably come up with some ideas, but I'm sure the mare has a name that she knows well. We just don't want to teach the horses a different name if they have a good one already.
         Unless we just flat out don't like the mare's name we'll change it, but we might just keep it as it is. The colt pretty much the same, but since the colt is so young it might be easier to give him a new name without so much confusion.


Mama Darling January 4, 2011 at 11:36 PM  

Enjoyed reading your blog. Can't wait to see pictures of your new horses. Our daughter met you when you were both MUCH younger at FBC. She LOVES horses and has picked "horses" as the theme for her b-day party this year. I know she'll enjoy hearing more about yours.

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