Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our First Attempt to Train Hatchet

            Well, today we are going to try our first attempt in training Hatchet. Hatchet is young, but she's just about the age where you can start training her.

             Today all we are going to do is try to put a bridle on Hatchet. We don't have a halter that she can use, so I was thinking we would just use the bridle that doesn't have a bit in it.

              Once we can get a bridle on Hatchet, we'll practice getting her to walk with us while we're trying to lead her.

              Out of what I've seen, I really want to ride Hatchet in the future, because she is very fast.

              For now, we have to start out with baby steps, then gradually we'll make bigger steps and so on.

              I hope everything goes well today!!! *Crossing Fingers*

              It's kind of funny, if you look at my blog archive, almost all of the posts is not all are posts about animal!!!

               Maybe I will should call our land The Land of a Thousand Animals.

                Well okay, bye for now!!!


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