Saturday, January 08, 2011

Horsies Are Here!!!

      Well we finally got our horsies; Diamond and Hatchet!!! They are both mares, I don't know how old the mom is, but the colt is eighteen months old. They are really sweet, just right now they need some getting used to in their new surroundings.

      I actually wasn't here when the horses were brought, but they said that Ginger was really excited.

      It's definitely a good thing we separated the new horses from the others, they are not being too friendly with the man, or horse, of the land. Conan and the mare Diamond have been feuding quite a bit, but they'll work it out.

      I remember when Ginger was brought and they had to pen her up too, since Conan is always aggressive with new horses. Now they've bonded and Ginger absolutely loves Conan; she follows him around all the time.

This is Hatchet, she's still a baby; only eighteen months old. She's even still nursing a bit, but mostly weened now.

This is my sister Anna with Diamond. Diamond is really sweet.

This is me and the colt, you can tell she's still a baby; she still has that baby face.

At the moment they haven't been doing much, I guess they need to get used to their new surroundings.

Hatchet is still a mommy's girl...

They were sharing their food.....
        Hatchet and Diamond are pure appaloosas, even though they don't look anything like them. The daddy of the young colt is very spotted, but I guess these guys just didn't get the spots.  I can't wait until they get all settled in; because then we'll try to re-break-in the mom and try to ride her. Now there are four white horses and one brown pony, it's so exciting!!!
       And don't worry, we'll get more pictures later.

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