Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our First Horses

       Two weeks ago from today, my sister and I got our very first horses; Diamond and Hatchet.

       We have always loved horses, and really, we've been around them for most of our lives.

        I've always loved horses, and everyone around me knows it all too well.

        I've basically been around horses since I was four years old.

       It was just a little bit after Christmas when my parents told us we were getting horses; two, a mommy with her baby. We were so excited.
       We have now had our horses two weeks, and they are out and roaming in their new home.

        I'm so happy, because, our horses are getting along with the others quite well.

        Hatchet loves our cousins' horse Ginger; she will just follow her all over the place... almost as much as she might follow her Mommy.

        Hatchet is still not much more than a baby, she's only about eighteen months old.

        As odd as it seems, Hatchet sometimes still nurses. Hatchet definitely eats the solid stuff, but she still nurses from her Mommy every so often.

        Our horses are really sweet, and I think they really like their pasture and freedom here.

         When Diamond and Hatchet first got here, Diamond and Conan (another horse out there with them) were being very aggressive towards each other.

          I think they have mostly gotten over their rivalry towards each other, but they will be like that until they learn to get along with each other.

          It seems that Diamond has become the new lead mare of the herd, but I think she and Conan are still about equal in rank right now, I'd say.

          All of the horses seem to be getting along pretty well.

          I think Ginger is just so thrilled to have some more friends there to be with her.

          Ginger probably showed the most enthusiasm when the new horses were brought.
          Ginger was whinnying and running around, then suddenly stopping, then running again, then snorting and whinnying again.

           I was very excited about our horses, but I was trying to be very calm because you don't want your first impression on your new pet to be scaring it.

            Well I have taken some new pictures of Diamond and Hatchet, I hope you enjoy.
Diamond is so sweet, she's very tame and a very independent mommy too.

 Diamond could definitely use some grooming, I'm sure we'll get to that soon.

Diamond is an Appaloosa mare, and the reason she's so dominant is because she was also the lead mare of her former home.

Hatchet closed her eyes right as I took the picture.

I just wanted to show how she really is pretty small and young.

Look at that face. I'm sure not a lot of people can, but when horses (or really any animal) is still so young, you can just tell, you can see it in their face.

Let's just say Diamond was curious about a weird thingy pointing at her.

The horses weren't very huge fans of the camera, but they did well on not freaking out about it for me.

I can't wait until we get to ride Diamond, it's good she's so gentle, that might make it a little easier on us to re-train her.The horses are a little dirty right now, but we'll brush 'em some more later.

Hatchet really is such a pretty horse, and she's very energetic.

Hatchet is just beginning to let us pet her more now.

 Hatchet will just follow us sometimes when we go out there to visit and such. 
         When it gets warmer and things start to grow, I'll go out and take more pictures of Diamond and Hatchet, then I'll show all of the horses with that pretty green grass and wild flowers behind them.


Anonymous,  January 22, 2011 at 11:05 AM  

I loved all the pictures. I can tell that they need to be groomed, but I am sure you will get to that as soon as you can. Hatchet is really a pretty colt. Is that the right word?

Thanks for sharing your blog.


Julia January 22, 2011 at 11:46 AM  

Nice pictures - you have beautiful horses!

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