Thursday, January 20, 2011

Out and Free

        Well yesterday I guess our horses had one of their aggressive moments and ended up knocking down the gate to the smaller pen within the pen that our two horses were in.

         So now all of the horses are out together, and they seems to be doing just fine. I guess they finally settled who was boss.

         I think Hatchet and Diamond have been liking it a lot better not being in their smaller pen. I noticed, Hatchet doesn't even want to walk into the pen anymore, which is understandable. As long as the horses behave, Hatchet won't need to go in the pen again necessarily. 

        I haven't taken any new pictures of our horses Hatchet and Diamond yet, but that's only because it's so muddy and rainy. 

        Speaking of which, we also need to brush all of the horses, since they got pretty muddy.

        I cannot wait until it gets a bit warmer, then we'll try to ride Diamond!!! Right now we pretty much have her saddle and her training bridle which doesn't have a bit.

       We got her in her training bridle the other day, and she was listening and following pretty well. The main reason we didn't ride her then was because Hatchet was freaking out; I mean she was literally charging and running strait past us and in circles. She began to make us nervous, so we just stopped.

        We think what probably made Hatchet so worried was first, we had her mommy in her bridle and she might have thought we were taking her away. Second, she probably was confused and didn't know what to do. It was most likely a mix of both.

         Though  now that Hatchet is getting a little older, she won't be as close to her mom. She's about the where she starts roaming free and separating herself a little bit more from her mom.

         Hatchet will always be friends with her mommy, but she just probably won't be so dependant on her.

        Now onto a bit of a different subject, my cousin said that we really won't be able to be sure about which gender the baby goats are until they're at least two weeks old.

          Probably a little bit after that, I'll take more pictures of the babies, and I'll tell whether boy or girl.

         If the baby is a boy, my cousins will sell, but if it's a girl, they'll keep for breeding again and such.

         Sadly one of the babies has pneumonia, but he has a good chance. It's not like pneumonia is really deadly, but just for a baby it can be a lot harder.

         There are three baby goats, one is solid brown, one is white with a little bit of brown on its head, and one is white with a little bit of black on its head.

         The other two babies are doing just fine, if we let them out they will wander around and they're really friendly.

          The mommy goats are both still at the vet, one of them is a lot better. The other is still pretty sick, they said she can't quite stand up again yet. But we think they both will be okay in the end.

Well I think that's all I have to say for now, so until my next post,



Anonymous,  January 20, 2011 at 1:19 PM  

Dear Song,
Thanks for the update. It was really interesting to hear about everything. I am glad all the horses are getting along together.

I understand Alex is getting on of the baby goats. That is pretty neat. It will be fun when you get to ride the horses.

Keep us posted.


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