Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Break-up

Well, this month is Down syndrome awareness month, so my older brother Luke made a video of my little sister Emma's recent break-up. Something I here so much is that people with Down syndrome are always so sweet, they're still normal people with the same emotions as us, mostly they are sweet, but sometimes they're not always the sweetest, and my little sister Emma is about the most dramatic and prissy person I've ever met, but she's so cute!

Emma's really sweet, but sometimes maybe not so much..... Staring in her very first movie, my little sister, Emma the downsy girl:


Well that's all I have for now, and don't worry, Emma is already starting to want Nick back... but for Emma, that could be too soon, especially right after the big break-up. But I think she's just trying to move on, and it looks like Nick is moving on too. Which is really sad, I never even got to meet him! I hope they get back together. The boy in the video Emma was with is Dean, our little brother, but don't worry those two are not dating.


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