Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poems for Week 6

Well, since I just read the Odyssey, I wrote a few poems referring to the book. I'm showing two I wrote, out of three, and the reason for that is, the two poems relate to the same story, so I decided to post the together. The third is really, really short and I didn't like it as much so I don't really want to post it anymore. So I'm just going to post the other two poems, the first is about a creature in the Odyssey named Scylla, here I go:

Scylla has six heads,
 Full of strength and power, those who see her cower,
 She is searching for vengeance,
 Because of Circe's magic and potions,
 Now she lives in caves, close to the oceans,
  It wasn't always this way,
 She used to be a beautiful nymph of the sea,
 She would watch the waves as far as the eye could see,
But sadly, now she hides her face in her caves,
With her only friend, the waves.

The Second Poem, about Calypso another nymph who saved the hero of Troy, Odysseus, but also held him on her island against his will, because she was wishing him for a husband:

Calypso, nymph of the island Ogygia,
 She rescued Odysseus from the tidal waves,
And she kept him hidden in her caves,
 Even though it was very sad on her part,
 She finally let him depart, with loads of gifts in splendor,
 So that he would never forget her. 

Sorry it took me so long to post the poems, I've been getting side-tracked lately.


Anonymous,  October 29, 2010 at 10:56 AM  

Love the poems, Song. Have you considered doing one about Cyclops? That might be scary.

I love having a poet in the family.


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