Saturday, October 02, 2010

Horsies and Goaties

  Well these are our cousins' and neighbor's animals. Now I love to go out to see them all the time. There are also chicken, but I don't like them and they're mean to me. So I'm not giving them the honor of my blog.

Here they are all grazing in the pasture

This Is Ginger; she hasn't been trained, but she's so sweet.

Ginger was very puzzled when she saw and heard me taking pictures of her.

This is the billy, he's temporarily here for breeding.

This is Brandy; she's pretty old now, and she's really shy, but she can be really sweet, and she's very fragile.

Yep, she's a little shaggy. She's too shy to let us groom her at the moment.

This is Conan; he's really sweet too, he's getting on the old side also. He's an Arabian Stallion.

If you know your horses; when he runs it's a really beautiful sight. That one way to tell he's an Arabian, also by his posture. 

This is Jezebel; she's really friendly and she loves to play and wrestle. If you jump around and sort of push her ruffly, she'll put her head down and wrestle you or stand on her hind legs. It's really fun to mess with her.

This is Jezebel on her hind legs when you wrestle her.

And if you start to push her like you were wrestling, this what she does; puts her head down and pushes back.

Here is Ginger and the goats rushing to meet us.



 This is 189, she's really friendly and sometimes a little naggy. But the reason I took a picture of 189 is because her and Jezebel are the only goats that aren't shy to people.
These are all the goats; the only ones with names are Jezebel and Bluebell(I'm not 100% sure the goat's name is Bluebell, I think it is though). But the names I think of them in my mind are, front left 189, front middle Smarty, front right Shy Goat, and the billy just billy. The billy's only here temporarily, so they can breed the goats.


janice fenimore October 3, 2010 at 6:53 PM  

Loved your pictures, Song. You did a good job with them and what you wrote also. Way to go, girl.

Love you,

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