Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Holly

 Baby Holly is a little older than a year old, her birthday was sometime in May. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but she has really big ears. The first picture I caught it right before she ran away to my parent's closet, again. All of our dogs seem to love sleeping in the sun, come to think of it; the other day I looked at Holly's belly, and she was a little sunburned from lying on her back in the sun. Holly is so goofy, and really paranoid when it comes to water; she runs away if I refill her water bowl. She's a jack russel terrier and blue heeler mix. Blue heeler got their name because when they herded, they would nip at the heel, and when we first got Holly, she ran in circles around us and nipped at our heels. And Holly is also a jack russel terrier which sometimes is a guard dog, so we hear her deep but high pitch bark A LOT. We brought Holly home from a pound when she was three months old. Holly is still a puppy, so she's a little chewy still, but she's really playful, the only playful dog we have. The others just roll over and wait for you to pet them. Holly is a medium sized dog, not a really big dog, but not a toy dog either.

Holly sun-bathing in the dining room
Sleeping silently but also very lightly

Holly cowering before the camera

Baby Holly the day she came home. She got a lot of attention that day, and was exhausted.


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