Monday, November 01, 2010

In Sunshine and in Shadow of Halloween

          So Halloween pretty much the whole family went up to my grandparent's house, you know, so we could Trick-or-Treat. I must say, there were some cute costumes for Halloween. Out of the eight kids in our family five were in costumes; Dean was Buz-Lightyear from Toy-Story, Ella was Woody from Toy-Story, Vera was actually my Dad, she wore a suit and everything, Emma was an Egyptian queen, and finally, Anna was the Greek goddess Artemis.     
          We went to our grandparent's house with all our costumes and such, and we got ready there, after we went Trick-or-Treating and then watched the World Series soon after. It was fun, even though I didn't have a costume and didn't actually Trick-or-Treat for candy, I still tagged along with Anna, Emma and Dean (since we went a little bit of a different route than some of the others, plus, somebody needed to keep those kids out of trouble). Besides, they shared some of their candy with me when we were done anyway.
This is Dean, there has been a lot of
 Toy-Story watching over here,
so we decided 
Dean might like to be Buz-Lightyear.
You should have seen the look
on his face, it was so cute! 

Here are Ella and Dean,
originally Dean was going
to be Woody from Toy-Story,
but it was a little too small,
so Ella was thrilled to be
Woody instead, and Dean
ended up being Buz-Lightyear.

Well very has always been a
major Tom-Boy,
but a lot lately she had been saying
she wanted to
go to work and wear a suit and
tie like Daddy.
So a friend of my mom's gave her a
hand-me-down and she became
 Daddy for Halloween.
Aren't Daddies so scary?

Emma was a Cleopatra queen,
here she is doing the
Egyptian dance.

This was when I actually got
Emma to hold still,
not everyone may know this,
 but Emma loves to dance and move,
so when she happens to be dancing,
it can be hard to get her to stop.

Emma doing well... I can't actually
 remember what she was doing at that point.

So Anna got to be Artemis,
since she is sort of a Tom-Boy
but loves Greek Mythology,
my mom decided to make
her a costume of Artemis;
 the Greek goddess of the Hunt.

These are the Arrows Anna and I made,
we just found some strong
sticks around the house
 and carved and sanded them smooth,
 added some chicken
 feathers from our cousins' chickens,
and then our
mom spray-painted them all silver.

Now, into the Shadow

It's Vera the BEAR!

This was Emma surprised and
throwing orders at the same time.

YOU, you're mine!!
Now get over there!
 It's Anna's notorious smile!!
Nothing gets past the ALL-SEEING-EYE!

Wait for it...

It's not Anna who's scary in this one,
but the creature behind her!!
Ok, it's actually
Calypso in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
We were watching the movie
the other night, and I decided to
 take a picture of Anna,
and Calypso was in the background.
When I took the picture,
for some reason,
 Calypso turned RED!


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