Saturday, November 06, 2010

Away From the Horrible Camera!

Ok, when I the pictures of Missy in the cowboy hat, I caught Holly in a few pictures too. Of course she was running away, but I still got the pictures of her. Holly wasn't happy about it, but I'm still going to show the pictures I caught of her.

Oh no!! you found me!

Get away! Oh wait, I can out run you!

Haha! Can't get me now... Wait!
That's not fair!
I wasn't ready!

If you noticed, Holly has a brown splosh on her hips and tail. She has had that since she was a baby, it was actually black-ish though. Well, Holly is both Blue-Heeler and a Jack-Russell terrier. Blue-Heelers are usually spotted, so that mark could be very common.


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