Thursday, November 11, 2010


So we're puppy-sitting this weekend for my grandparents, and they have a little Yorkie named Bruiser.
 If you ever happen to find Bruiser's special scratchy spot (which is almost anywhere) he quivers and shakes all over, but it's so cute!  Another really sweet thing about Bruiser, is if you ever call him over to you like by saying his name and stuff, he sneezes! Bruiser will literally smile so big that he sneezes (like Win-Dixie!).
Bruiser is even still as dazzling a puppy, even when he's probably around seven or eight years old now.
But I think I've stalled you enough from this little cutie, so here he is,
The Yorkie, Bruiser:

This is Bruiser bustling around in the plants.
Did you know he's a poet like me too?
And I quote... here I go to catch a peek,
sneak, sneak, sneak.

 So where to next?

I'm walking, I'm walking,
I'm walking, freeze!

Wait, Get this for my
Mommy and Daddy! Cheese!

Hello, are you
still coming?

Ok, all done with the pictures...
oh wait, I can just give you
the puppy-face!


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