Thursday, November 04, 2010

Finally, the Perfect hat!

Well, I think I found Missy the perfect hat. Ok, so my little sister Ella was Woody for Halloween, and she has this little Woody cowboy hat, well guess what, I put it on Missy and it fits her perfectly! So here's Missy being talkative (but never as much as me! Hehehe)

No, I won't cooperate!

Fine, you got me.

Oh, ok! Is this good?

Hey, I think you've taken enough
pictures of me.
So no more pictures of me! Ok?
Usuallly I'm against poor puppies wearing clothes, but this is just pretend. Besides, I only make our puppies wear these for a few minutes, and then they never cope with them again. It's not like these hat make them uncomfotrable, unlike some clothes for pups that like restrains thim. But our puppies don't even mind, so they let me get away with this little thing.


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